LinkedIn – what is it

This civil chain is intended for professional communication, and not for entertainment. This distinguishes it from other social chains. Here you can produce partnership relations with colleagues, find vacancies. It is convenient for HR managers to find professionals to attract, and for users to keep abreast of news related to professional issues. Business pages of companies, with articles and news, thematic communication, joint solution of complex issues – all these are options for using this portal.

How LinkedIn Works

To access the service you commitment internet and a computer. You can also enter from mobile devices – for convenience, special applications for Android or iOS have been developed. They are downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Job Search

It is for this that many people register in this chain – the search for a good job or a part-time job. The service itself will select and offer available vacancies, according to the data specified in the profile.

Adsorbed in an employer, you can go to his page, read about the company, see the list of employees. Some of them may be familiar, which will allow you to learn more about the potential place and team.

Work well on attracting the attention of employers endorsement. These are the reviews and features that give co-workers, acquaintances. You can start getting them yourself – by writing a recommendation to the one you worked with. In response, you can get a review about yourself.

If you want to expand your opportunities, get in contacts to people who have 500 and above connections in this network. Such participants are called LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers). Their friends are a whole world of partnership contacts and unique opportunities.

LinkedIn for business

The civil chain is used not only by individuals. Register in it and create your own page can and businesses. In some ways, it resembles Facebook business pages. But the goal is not customer search and brand advertising. Here you can find information about the company: employees, news, vacancies and requirements for candidates. Over-refreshing the page may result in blocking or deletion from the portal.

Finding employees through this social network has several advantages.

It is unrealistic to spend time on entertainment – no personal photos and information, advertising and spam.

The filter system allows you to find candidates with the necessary parameters. They can be viewed, selected to favorites, see activities and recommendations from other participants.

The likelihood that the data specified in the account – however, is much higher than in the usual resume or other social networks. It is explained simply – the system tries to pick up contacts at the specified place of work and study. And the facts are confirmed by real people. To deceive this service for professionals is difficult.

By knowing how to use LinkedIn, you increase your chances of finding interesting job offers, partners, and colleagues for communication. This social network, unlike the others, will not take away time for other activities: viewing photos, advertisements, cats and other content that absorbs time.

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