EPAM Systems is a US-based IT company based in Newtown that specializes in custom software development and consulting.

When was it founded

The company was founded in 1993 in Princeton by the Belarusian émigré Arkady Dobkin (who currently holds the position of CEO) and his classmate Leonid Lozner. The company name comes from the phrase “Effective Programming for America”. The first offices were opened in the USA and Belarus. Subsequently, the company’s representative offices appeared in 15 countries of the world, including Ukraine, and the total number of the company’s employees exceeded 10 thousand.

Currently, EPAM Systems capitalization exceeds $ 2 billion, while the company’s annual turnover exceeded $ 550 million.

They offer cutting-edge technology and services for transforming customer interactions, data-based decision support and creating smart enterprises.

They help world leaders invent, design, develop and implement operating system that changes the world.

What are the awarding

EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a dominant comprehensive cybernated platforms and operating system developer, released that CRN®, the The Channel Company trademark, has added EPAM to this year’s account of the fastest-burgeoning 150 companies – 2018 Fast Growth 150 lineup.

During the last 7.5 years, EPAM has shown a steady annual growth of 20%. They are a constant ruler in the trade with such growth rates. This is especially important in view of the fact that they compete not only with agile increasing cramped startups, but also with much more well-known suppliers of solutions. They are constantly expanding their service capabilities by moving beyond the traditional services of corporation advisory, arrangement and goods expansion. These new features coupled with our 25 years of background in progressive automation and operating system provide a stable authority for eventual expansion.

According to the Aberdeen Group report, the development of the project by the EPAM company for e-business of the West Group is among the best examples of the organization of offshore developments.

Princeton, New Jersey, September 10, 2002 – EPAM Systems, LLC, an American company providing offshore services and software solutions with development centers in Russia.

The Aberdeen Group, a leading marketing and positioning analytics company, praised the level of services provided by 15 companies providing software solutions and IT services, including EPAM Systems, which developed a comprehensive e-commerce site for West Group (Minneapolis), a company in thomson corporation.

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