Site design

What is the Q-Start The main direction of the web agency in Miami Q-Start is the provision of comprehensive site creation services. We develop in USA, especially in Miami and in Florida. Over the years, we have provided a huge range of services related to design, usability, website creation and promotion for our clients. Why ….  Read More

Activision Blizzard

How did that company start to work Activision is an American association that cultivate and announces computer video competition. It was established on October 1, 1979, and has since become the first autonomous video game builder for game consoles and intimate computers. In 2012, Activision earned almost $ 5 billion, a record in the market ….  Read More


What is EA Electronic Arts is a video game distribution corporation. This organization was founded in May 1982 by Trip Hawkins. She was basically just a game reporter. But after that, Electronic Arts became antecedent organizations in the gaming industry, which differed from others in that it popularized people who are working specifically on the ….  Read More


EPAM Systems is a US-based IT company based in Newtown that specializes in custom software development and consulting. When was it founded The company was founded in 1993 in Princeton by the Belarusian √©migr√© Arkady Dobkin (who currently holds the position of CEO) and his classmate Leonid Lozner. The company name comes from the phrase ….  Read More


LinkedIn – what is it This civil chain is intended for professional communication, and not for entertainment. This distinguishes it from other social chains. Here you can produce partnership relations with colleagues, find vacancies. It is convenient for HR managers to find professionals to attract, and for users to keep abreast of news related to ….  Read More


When did it start In the fall of 1995, programmer Pierre Omidyar (Pierre Omidyar), who now lived in the city of San Jose, California, (San Jose, California), launched an online auction on his website, named AuctionWeb. History has preserved the fact that the first item sold in this way was the faulty laser pointer Omidyar. ….  Read More